About us

"Eternity was born in the village", said Lucian Blaga, and he was very right! The story of the Remediu Plant company, whose history began to be written 40 years ago, proves this once again. In the Apuseni mountains, more precisely in the village of Poienii de jos, the elders who laid the foundations of the family business, identified which are the miraculous plants, which combinations can be made between them for the best results, but also what quantities are needed for the formula perfect for treating various ailments. The concrete recipes of natural remedies date back almost half a century, but the hundreds of years of work carried out by our ancestors in discovering these remedies and passed down from generation to generation should not be neglected. With limited information, at the beginning, but with a lot of intuition and native intelligence, from year to year, technological inputs and specialized information were brought, so that today we have a viable and reliable alternative in the treatment of ailments that people I can have.

Grandmother Elisabeta, aged 81, tells how she herself, as a child, was initiated by her parents and grandparents to collect medicinal plants, which she also passed on to her children and then grandchildren. One of the grandsons, Ionuț Țirban, specialized in the field of phytotherapy in order to be able to pass on the valuable secrets of natural remedies. Thus, in 2003, the individual enterprise that bears his name appeared, but which today has put on new clothes under the name Remediu Plant, so that certified products can be distributed throughout the country.

With love of nature and experience in the field, the Remediu Plant team produces and markets tinctures, teas, syrups and creams, against various health problems. For each product, on the website www.remediuplant.ro you can find the composition, specifications regarding the conditions for which it is an adjuvant and the recommended method of administration.

Plant Remedy- Every condition has a natural remedy!